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Individual/Family Fundraisers

Funds Raised: (0)

Allison Hintz Fundraiser

Benefit April 21: Junkyard Brewing West Fargo
Funds Raised: (0)

Donna Sinner Fundraiser

Benefit May 18: Town Hall Bar
Funds Raised: (0)

Eric Meyer Fundraiser

Benefit November 24th: West Fargo VFW
Funds Raised: (0)

Jack Goodrich Fundraiser

Benefit January 20: Community Alliance Church, DL
Funds Raised: (0)

Jill Carlsrud Fundraiser

Benefit March 16: Rothsay Event Center
Funds Raised: (0)

Karen Otteson Fundraiser

Benefit December 8th, 5-8 pm: Legacy Learning and Preschool
Benefit April 21: DGF High School
Funds Raised: (0)

Larissa Driscoll Fundraiser

Benefit February 16: Ashby American Legion
Funds Raised: (0)

Lyla’s Heart

Benefit April 20: Holy Cross Catholic Church
Funds Raised: (0)

Makayla Woitzel Fundraiser

Benefit April 21 • 11-4: Grandin Fire Hall
Funds Raised: (0)

Nate Strand Fundraiser

Benefit June 7: The Pitchfork
Funds Raised: (0)

Sam Hill Fundraiser

Benefit 2/17/24 5-7 p.m.: Valley City Eagle's Club
Funds Raised: (0)

Sara and Brady Hand Fundraiser

Benefit March 16 8am-12pm: True North Church in South Fargo
Funds Raised: (0)

Tim Haaland Fundraiser

Benefit March 23: Town Hall Bar in West Fargo
Funds Raised: (0)

Tyler Anderson Fundraiser

Benefit April 27: Horace Community Center
Funds Raised: (0)

Zima Family Fundraiser

Benefit March 17th Ogema, MN: Ogema Community Center