Why Lend A Hand Up?

We “Uplift Giving” by Providing Boost Funding

0% Of Your Gift Goes to Administrative Expenses

100% of Lend A Hand Up administrative expenses are generously managed by Dakota Medical Foundation

Gifts Are "Boosted" to Make A Greater Impact

We “uplift giving” by providing boost awards – $100 boost gifts are awarded per every $500 collectively raised for a qualifying individual/family benefit fund, up to a $5,000 boost per family/campaign.

Comparing Online Giving Platforms

Lend A Hand Up

• 20% Boost Funding

Up to $5,000 per family

• 0% Administration Fee

• Average Gift Increased by 20%

For example, a $500 donation results in a $600 gift for the family

Other Giving Sites

• 0% Boost Funding

• Up to 15% Administration Fees

• Average Gift Reduced by -15%

For example, a $500 donation results in a $425 gift for the family
*This represents a collective average of other giving sites.

We Are A Local Charity Committed To Maintaining Your Trust

Boost funding and fundraising tools are limited to fundraising campaigns that have been approved through the request process validating residency, medical diagnosis and benefit fund account signers. Requests must be submitted through a fundraising champion in partnership with the individual/family benefitting from the fundraising campaign. We believe the extra time and upfront thought is well spent toward maintaining the integrity of all involved; fundraising champions, donors and recipients.

We are here to help you host a successful fundraiser. We welcome all questions and ideas!

701-356-2661 | LendAHandUp@dakmed.org

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Help Many Families

To make a tax-deductible program donation to boost help for many families.

Eligibility Guidelines For Boost Funding

Learn more about our eligibility guidelines for boost funding.