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Start an online fundraiser or benefit with Lend A Hand Up to raise substantial help for a local family in medical crisis. Our resources are free and backed by up to $5,000 in boost grants.

Review the criteria below and follow the steps to start a fundraiser with Lend A Hand Up. If at any point in the process you have questions, please reach out!

Office: 701-356-2661, Email:

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Please review our criteria prior to filling out request.

Part 1 - Request Form

Should be filled out and submitted by the lead volunteer (campaign organizer).

Part 2 - Family Sign Off

Should be filled out and submitted by individual/family receiving proceeds.

Both parts of the request must be received for review. Requests for online campaigns may be submitted at any time. If a benefit/event or other fundraising activity is planned, the request for boost funding should be submitted to Lend A Hand Up at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event to allow time to maximize event planning and promotions.

We encourage online submission; If online submission is not possible, you may view/print request.

Fundraising Guides

Learn everything you need to host a successful fundraiser.