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With Lend A Hand Up, it's easy to start an online fundraiser to rally help for neighbors living in
Cass (ND), Clay (MN), and Becker (MN) Counties.

Want to host a benefit? There's help for that too!

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Lend A Hand Up is a unique giving site and auction platform that boosts proceeds up to $5,000 per eligible family fundraiser. 

Start an online fundraiser in 4 easy steps!

Step 1.

Review eligibility criteria and designate a friend or relative to serve as a champion to initiate/promote an online Lend A Hand Up fundraiser.

Step 2.

As champion, complete Part 1 of Request Form with intent and contact information, then forward to recipient/family to verify their consent to proceed.

Step 3.

The recipient/family must submit their consent to Lend A Hand Up, along with information verifying their residency and type of challenge (Part 2 of Request Form).

Step 4.

Lend A Hand Up staff will reach out to gain further information as needed to launch the fundraiser, and to help the recipient/family connect the fundraiser to their preferred bank fund.


Office: 701-356-2661, Email: [email protected]

If you have started a request for a fundraiser you can log back in here.

We encourage online submission; If online submission is not possible, please reach out to us for assistance.  Once both parts of the request have been submitted our committee will review the application.  The champion will be notified once approved, or if more information is needed.

Contact us at [email protected] or call 701-356-2661.

Fundraising Guides

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