About Lend A Hand Up

Lend A Hand Up is a nonprofit program that makes the most of people’s time and gifts to help their neighbors 

Lend A Hand Up is a 501(c)(3) subsidiary of the Dakota Medical Foundation that started in February 2008 as a way to raise financial help and hope for local families facing health issues and other trauma. Now in its 17th year, Lend A Hand Up and caring community members have raised $23 million for more than 750 families residing in Cass (ND), Clay and Becker (MN) counties.   

Lend A Hand Up provides a free crowdfunding platform that adds a 20% financial boost onto donations for eligible fundraisers so gifts make a greater impact.  In addition to other resources including toolkits and templates, there is a caring team of people who serve as personal coaches and promotional support to increase the success of fundraisers hosted on the Lend A Hand Up giving site.  For people who want to host an in-person benefit, the Lend A Hand Up team offers expansive help for that too! 

“Our team works hand in hand with champions who take the lead to host fundraisers for people they care about. Together, we learn and support one another because we share the same mission to help our neighbors. By providing trustworthy, professional giving tools – and then maximizing the impact of generosity – we are able to provide a caring hand up to people who are hurting,” says Jeana Peinovich, Lend A Hand Up Director.

Contact the team: lendahandup@gmail.com, 701.356.2661 

Dakota Medical Foundation

Dakota Medical Foundation was formed in the 1960s by pioneering physicians and community leaders with the vision to build a progressive new hospital on Fargo’s growing south side. Initial tax exempt status was granted May 26, 1962.

A new $1.8 million Dakota Hospital opened two years later with 76 beds and 11 physicians. It developed into a major referral center and became renowned for its kidney dialysis, joint replacement, open heart surgery and multiple other specialties. It was known, too, for its deeply dedicated physicians, high quality patient care and pursuit of continual innovation.

Eventually, the hospital was sold to a for-profit organization and the proceeds began the $94 million DMF endowment with a mission to impact health in our region.

Since inception, DMF has invested more than $72 million to operate health initiatives and fund strategies that strengthen the results of more than 400 nonprofits in North Dakota and western Minnesota