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Featured Fundraiser
Sam Hardesty Fundraiser
Check out Sam's online auction going on now by clicking on Auctions at the top of the screen! Not a shopper? Click the Give Now button to make an online gift! Lend A Hand Up will be adding a 20% boost onto gifts!
Featured Fundraiser
Lend A Hand Up Fundraiser - Stick it to Cancer
Tshirts on sale now! T-shirts provide free admittance to the Nov 4th fundraiser AND the Stick it to Cancer Game/fundraiser. Learn more and view the shirt shop.


Gifts may be directed to benefit a specific individual/family fund or to the program itself to boost help for many families.

How-to Guide

The Lend A Hand Up program partners with friends and volunteers who step forward to help a neighbor in need! Lend A Hand Up resources include a fundraising toolkit, an online giving site, and boost funds to maximize your generosity.

“It is truly a gift to the entire community to have this organization assist so many families in need.

Diand Hersch Krile