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Boost funding, online giving and other resources are awarded to qualifying fundraising campaigns based on medical diagnosis, financial challenges and fundraising activities. Applications are reviewed weekly.  Funding is prioritized for individual/families burdened by substantial expenses due to a catastrophic medical condition. If hosting an event, applications for boost funding and other resources must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the scheduled benefit/community event. Applications for online campaigns may be submitted at any time.

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Eligibility Checklist

Please review the guidelines prior to filling out application.

Eligibility Checklist
Part One

Should be filled out and submitted by the lead volunteer (event organizer).

Part Two

Should be filled out and submitted by individual or family receiving proceeds.


We encourage online submission through our secure system.
If online submission is not possible, download the PDF by clicking the box below.

Both Part 1 and Part 2 must be filled out.


Application review process

Applications are reviewed weekly by a committee with expertise in medicine, insurance, finance, legal, social services and nonprofit management. Priority for support is given to efforts that help people with substantial out-of-pocket expenses due to a catastrophic medical condition.

If an application is approved:

Volunteers must be willing to include Lend A Hand Up logo(s), website address and boost grant amounts on flyers, posts and promo items to build awareness of fundraising activities. (Logos will be shared upon approval).

Recipient (or their parent/guardian) must confirm that they approve of fundraising activities and will privately share donation data as necessary to validate boost funding amounts.

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